4 Crafts You Loved as a Kid Making an Adult Comeback

//4 Crafts You Loved as a Kid Making an Adult Comeback

4 Crafts You Loved as a Kid Making an Adult Comeback

By: Emily Wottreng

Who are we Kidding, these crafts will always be relevant

From the thrill of coloring to the feel of chalk moving over bumps and cracks, there was something so wonderful about the world of arts and crafts as a kid. And while the wonders of our artsy days are sometimes brushed aside in adulthood, we at The Hippie Hobby know that doesn’t have to be the case. Whether you are excited by childhood nostalgia with a modern twist, or have kids of your own and want to include them in the fun, these crafts for adults are a superb way to reconnect with the joyous crafting of our youth.

#1 Re-marker-able Coloring

Adult Coloring CraftsRemember in elementary school when the markers came out for coloring? You knew it was going to be a great day. Markers are on the rise and making a strong comeback in 2017. With such a versatile tool, you can easily create colorful cards, bookmarks, and more. Try personalizing your own mugs with Sharpies for a chic look, or even use permanent markers to upgrade a lamp. While markers eventually run out, the crafting possibilities that come with using them never will.

#2 Crafts That Rock

Nearly all of us, at one point or another, have picked up a stone, and felt some kind of connection. Maybe it was signifying a time or a place. Maybe there was water nearby and you just had to practice your skipping abilities. Or maybe it just looked really cool. Either way, rocks are everywhere, and yet for some reason or another, we have all seen and held one that seemed a bit special.

By creative standards, there’s still a plethora of potential for crafts that rock. Check out how to make painted rock dominoes for a playful craft. For a gorgeous and slightly more complex craft, learn how to transfer photos onto stone. These Alpha Rocks are super cute, and are something that anyone will enjoy interacting with. Finding ways to spruce up a childhood craft classic is about as easy as finding a rock itself.

#3 Making Jewelry

Creating jewelry as a kid was such a treat. It could be learning how to make friendship bracelets at camp, or getting a kit to try making beaded earrings, and in whatever mode or method, it was so much fun. DIY Jewelry

Those days are far from over! The Metric Child has an awesome bobby pin earring craft idea. These leather triangle earrings are not only trendy for you, but would make an excellent gift. Or try out a mini diffuser necklace from us at The Hippie Hobby, and save both your money and trips to the store. There are countless ideas out there to continue the glamour of making jewelry.

#4 Crafts to Chalk About

Chalk epitomizes childhood crafts all grown up, and looks stellar in doing so. Try making a chalk serving tray to enhance your bartending game. Chalkboard paint makes all the world a canvas, such as making table numbers out of wine bottles or customizing herb planters. Your crafting ideas don’t have to stay on the sidewalk when it comes to chalk.

Growing up happens way too quickly, but here at the Hippie Hobby, we know that crafting is the best way for us to slow down. Our childhood wonder needn’t taper off in adulthood; if anything, it should only continue to grow. The arts and crafts days of our youth were so important and enjoyable, and each of these craft ideas will undoubtedly bring you just as much satisfaction. Unlike Trix, these crafts are not just for kids. Try them out today.

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