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Spooky Halloween Crafts to Decorate Your Home

Somehow it’s already October, and somehow, Halloween is already around the corner. This is the time of year to break out the dusty boxes of cobwebs, the ghoulish door decorations, and everything else that has served to signify in your home that the holiday’s approaching. But what if instead of using the same old decorations, [...]

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DIY Pallet Crafts

One of the staples in DIY crafts boils down to a structure that had virtually been unknown before the days of Pinterest. Pallets are those quirky wooden things you see at stores, that previously had never really been given a second thought. But as the craft experts, DIY connoisseurs (not to mention professional wine drinkers) [...]

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Back-to-School Crafts

It feels like summer was just starting, and already it’s starting to wind down. For many families in the Phoenix area, we at The Hippie Hobby know that school is on the verge of beginning (if it hasn’t already). But there’s something wonderful about this time of year for everyone, even if you’re not about [...]

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Crafts To Do With Photos

Photo-Inspired Crafts We live in this amazing time where you can capture the best moments and hold onto them ‘til the end of time. In the age of photography, there are so many venues for your pictures can truly take off. From Instagram to Facebook and everything in between, the possibilities for photo fun are [...]

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DIY Movie Theater Crafts

By Emily Wottreng If you’re currently living in southern Arizona like us at The Hippie Hobby, you probably are barely able to see this through the sweat pouring down your face. Craft folks, it is hot. Unfortunately, fife right now is a mixture of blasting cold air conditioning and melting faster than a popsicle the [...]

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Easy Craft Ideas I Souvenir Crafts to Continue the Vacation (Even After it Ends)

Summer is one of the most perfect times to get away. If you’re in Arizona like we at The Hippie Hobby are, this is so you don’t die of the heat and melt into the ground. If you’re anywhere else, however, there’s so many magical escapes that can be explored with summer at your side. [...]

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Craft Night Ideas for You and a Friend

Of all the activities you can partake in with a friend, crafting is perhaps one of the best. In a previous blog post, we at The Hippie Hobby talked about the benefits of crafting with a friend, because there are so many reasons why friendships are strengthened through crafting. The reasons are out there, but [...]

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Succulent-Inspired Crafts to Spruce Up Your Home

By Emily Wottreng They’ll have you running for the nearest garden store With increased attention garnered from events like Coachella and cacti-themed art prints being on the rise, one thing is clear: The desert is in. Being based out of Phoenix, AZ, we at The Hippie Hobby already knew that the desert is so hot [...]

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