Back-to-School Crafts

//Back-to-School Crafts

Back-to-School Crafts

It feels like summer was just starting, and already it’s starting to wind down. For many families in the Phoenix area, we at The Hippie Hobby know that school is on the verge of beginning (if it hasn’t already). But there’s something wonderful about this time of year for everyone, even if you’re not about to get your backpack all set for the first day.

Whether you’re ten, 20, or 200, these crafts will be great for the student and learner in all of us. Crafting school is in session–check out these back-to-school-crafts, and stop by The Hippie Hobby for more craft ideas and subscription DIY kits!

DIY Shadow Box

For families with kids going back to school:

If your child is one of the many who will be attending class in the quickly-approaching future, there are so many fun back-to-school-crafts for them to enjoy. For kids of any age, use up the last of the summer days to create a DIY shadow box! From first grade to the last grade, kids will love getting to decorate their own shadow box with trinkets and memories from the summer as it’s winding down.


For college students:

When it comes to college students, their space is everything. This is not just true for the dorms, but truly, for any college student at any age. Whether it’s dorm space or office space, the right craft and art work can tie an entire room together, as well as serve as a talking piece. Treat the college students you know to our string art craft box! Perfect for the older school generation, everyone will love getting to pound nails into a board and string up a design.

DIY string art

For teachers:

DIY Bath Bomb

If there’s anyone who needs to be pampered a bit before school starts, it’s teachers. Sign them up for a subscriptionto The Hippie Hobby to help them relax and take time for themselves throughout year. As soon as you hear them say, “I don’t have time to do this,” it’s a sure sign that they need some self-care more than anyone. Even if a subscription seems to be a bit much, order them a bath fizzies craft. This way, the teachers can get their craft on before insanity ensues, thus ensuring that when they need some mid-October relaxation time, a night of serenity will come with ease and at the perfect time. Because ultimately, nothing says “treat yourself’ like a handmade bath bomb.


For those not going to school:

Trick question, because in some way or another, aren’t we all constantly learning (at least, that’s the goal)? One of the best parts about going back to school was getting new school supplies. Keep the tradition and the spirit of learning alive by creating your own journal! There are so many cute styles that are incredibly easy, making it simple to craft a beautiful notebook and/or planner. Make a goal to write in it frequently–you will love getting to go back and read later!

DIY journal

The back-to-school days are upon us, even if we’re not in school. No matter if we’re sitting in a desk or working a 9-to-5 at one, this is a time that signifies new beginnings and the value of learning. Since we love both of those things, as well as crafts, bringing the two together is a match made in heaven.

Craft on, DIYers, and check out our Instagram for all things HH!

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