DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

Essential oil diffuser necklaces are crazy popular right now!  They are super simple and easy to make because all you need to do is add your favorite essential oil inside the locket to stay grounded almost all day long!  Below are simple step by step instructions, on how to make your own essential oil diffuser [...]

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DIY Citronella Floating Candles

Summertime is a great time to spend your evenings outdoors with the company of friends and family.  Nothing ruins those evenings like mosquitos biting at your ankles.  Our  DIY Citronella Floating Candles Kit comes with easy to follow directions and everything you need to make your own citronella floating candles! Materials Included: Soy Wax Candle Flakes [...]

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DIY “Hip Lips” Natural Lip Balm Kit

There isn't a better feeling in the world than having a lip balm that gives you smooth, soft lips. What's even better is knowing that YOU made the lip balm yourself! Our DIY Hip Lips Lip Balm Kit comes with everything you need to make 8 natural lip balms for yourself-even the essential oils are [...]

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3 Benefit of crafting with your kids

DIY Diffuser Necklace and the 3 Benefits of crafting with your kids Are you stuck pulling your hair out because it’s summertime and all you hear is “Mom, I’m bored!”, even though your children have all their toys out? Better yet, are you desperately looking for a way to rip that iPhone or iPad out of [...]

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How to make homemade DIY beaded wine cork napkin rings

Wine Cork Napkin Ring Holders Okay, so you may or may not have a stash of wine corks from your latest girls night in. In our case, we had (and always seem to have ha ha) a little stash! Our favorite is red wine because it leaves an awesome splash of color from the red [...]

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