Spring Chalkboard

//Spring Chalkboard

Spring Chalkboard

Spring Chalkboard 

What you need:

  • (1) 5×7 wood board
  • (1) 2oz. bottle of Black Chalk Paint
  • (1) 2oz. bottle of Pink Chalk Paint
  • (1) Aileen’s Tacky Glue
  • (1) Wahsi Tape
  • (1) VersaChalk Chalk Marker
  • (1) Rectangle Sponge Brush
  • (1) Round sponge brush
  • (2) Paper Flowers

This project is entirely personal to you and can be designed and created however you would like.  Here are a few examples of how we made our Spring Chalkboards.

1. This craft takes a couple days for the chalk-paint to cure.  Make sure to read the instructions for chalk paint on the Pink Martha Stewart bottle for best results

Hint:  BOTH the pink and black bottles are filled with chalk paint, so when designing you can keep that in mind for how you’d like to use the chalk paint.

TIP:  Feel free to use BOTH sides of your board for two separate creations!

2. Paint the background of your board to your liking.  We chose solid colors; however, you can use stripes, polka dots, chevron patters – get creative – we promise it will be cute.

3. Wait for the paint to completely dry for about an hour and then do another coat (see full instructions on the pink bottle of your Martha Stewart paint).

4.  Once second coat is dry, decide the shape for your “chalkboard”.  We used a black stripe on one of ours and a “blurb shout out” on another one of ours.


5. Now that you’ve decided on your “chalkboard” shape and paint two coats (following drying instructions above).

6. Allow to completely dry.

7. Get creative with the Washi tape.  We decorated the edges of one by just going all the way around (as shown).  On our other one, we waited for the board to cure (24 hours) and then did a cute banner.  The arch was drawn with our VersaChalk Chalk Marker and we cut little triangles for the “flag”.   You can be as creative as you’d like – this is just what we came up with.



8. BEFORE you draw on the boards with your VersaChalk Chalk Marker, you’ll want to allow the chalk paint to “cure”.  See back of the bottle – but essentially, 24 hours waiting period before you write on your board.

TIP:  Make sure to shake and pump the tip of the chalk marker.  There are visual instructions on the chalk marker to follow.  We also found it helpful to practice on a piece of colored paper to make sure the marker was working correctly. You can use a mirror or glass as well to practice.

9.  Add some finishing touches using the paper flowers included by adhering with the Aleene’s tacky glue

10. Enjoy – send us a pic and tag us on IG @thehippiehobby – we want to see your finished products!


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