Acrylic Pour Coasters

What you need:

  • (4) Unfinished MDF Coasters
  • (2) 2oz. bottle of Acrylic Craft Paint
  • (4) 2oz. Plastic Containers & Lids
  • Wooden Stir Sticks
  • (1) Sponge Brush
  • Acrylic Gloss Varnish/Medium
  • (16) Small Rubber Bumper Pads
  • Water
  • Silicone oil (optional)


1. This craft is messy so start by covering your work surface with wax paper or a plastic tablecloth.  This will help you avoid getting paint on the work surface.

2. Pour a small amount of your acrylic paint into one of your small paint cups or containers and add a small amount of water at a time until you achieve a light cream type consistency.  Use a wooden craft stick to mix the paint together, make sure it is completely blended together.  Your paint should flow/pour easily from your stir stick.

TIP –  Be sure to add a tiny bit of water at a time to avoid watering your paint down too much.

OPTIONAL – Add a few drops of silicone oil to your paint(s) to create “cells” in the paint.  You can even use hair oils like the Coconut Milk Hair Serum as long as the hair oil contains dimethicone in the ingredient list.

3.  Once you have both of your paint colors mixed to the right consistency, you are ready to pour your paint into a clean paint cup.  Pour alternating colors into the cup, filling the cup about halfway full.

4.  Make sure that you set your coasters on a paint container lid to elevate the coaster off your work surface.

5. Cover the paint cup with the coaster and “flip” the coaster over so the paint cup is resting on the coaster.

TIP — You can also just pour your paint onto the coaster vs. using the flip cup method.

6. Lift the paint cup up and set it aside.  Move the paint around by tipping/moving your coaster so the paint flows over the edges.  You can use your finger to drag paint around the edges of the coaster as needed.  Once the top surface of your coaster is completely coated in paint, put the coaster on a paint container lid and set aside to dry.

7. Repeat steps 2 through 6 on the remaining coasters.

TIP — If you add too much of one color to your flip cup, you can always drizzle more of the alternate color to your coaster while the paint is wet to add more visual interest.  If you do this, just move the extra paint around by tipping/moving your coaster so the paint flows together.

8. Once you have applied paint to all of your coasters, allow 24-48 hours for the paint to dry.

TIP — Don’t be tempted to put your finger in the coaster to see if it is dry! Wait for at least 24 – 48 hrs before touching to avoid damaging your paint application.

9.  Once your coasters are completely dry, apply the rubber bumpers to the bottom of your coasters and apply a light coat of acrylic gloss varnish/medium to the painted side of your coasters using a sponge brush.  Let the gloss varnish/medium dry for 24 hours before using your coasters.  Once your coasters are have been sealed you’re all set to use them so, grab a cold drink and enjoy!

TIP — Avoid going over your gloss varnish/medium too many times otherwise you may notice the brush strokes once the product dries.

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