Crafts Inspired By Books

//Crafts Inspired By Books

Crafts Inspired By Books

Get Read-y For These 4 Book-Inspired Crafts

You will literary love these ideas

By Emily Wottreng


Man, books are the best. Books transport us so swiftly to different emotions, memories, and even places. We love the idea of curling up with a cup of coffee, a blanket, and a good book (though that coffee might actually be wine). And since we love crafting as well, we love these book-inspired crafts. The best stories are like the best craft projects, where you’re so engrossed and engaged that the rest of the world kind of fades out. Read on to find great crafty twists for some of those old classics!

flowerbook pages

#1 Book Page Candle holders

If you’re a book lover, it can be easy for your library to grow… and grow… and keep growing. Since we often have an emotional connection to the stories we read, it can be difficult to just give them away. Create more space by re-purposing books with a book page candle holder! Pop Sugar gives a great example of how to turn jars into chic candle holders by wrapping them in book pages. Pick a page that is relatively thinner for best results, and the light will really shine through.


#2 Book Gem Magnets

The Hippie Hobby is all about recycling and re-purposing, and our book gem magnets do just that. Order this kit through us to create some cool magnets with recycled pages from a book! This magnet craft makes a great gift for that book-loving friend of yours, or treat yourself (and your fridge, too). And as always, all materials are included for your convenience.

Cute, personalized magnets for your fridge!

Cute, personalized magnets for your fridge!


#3 DIY Book Jewelry

You’ve probably seen some beautifully bookish pendant necklaces in stores, and now you can actually make the jewelry yourself. This book page necklace idea from Happy Hour Projects is beautiful on its own, and encourages makers to pick a passage for an extra personal touch! Or, try making a custom book page ring for a wonderfully chic addition to any wardrobe. Whether these crafts are for you or for a loved one, they will be sure to impress.

#4 Book-Repurposed Furniture

If you feel inspired to take on some astonishing furniture creations like this chair made out of books (which is priced at over $12,000!), by all means, go for it. For a simpler craft with just as much aesthetic value, try re-purposing books into a shelf! These book-made shelves from Belle Maison are simply adorable, and would add exceptional flair to any wall space. Instructables offers great and specific directions on how to create these shelves. Pile books onto the shelves to give a floating illusion, and bring the magic of books to life.


Whether you’re an avid book or are just looking to re-purpose books lying around the home, these crafts are for you. Words are powerful, and the chance to include this influence in our crafting is equally powerful. They say the pen is mightier than the sword, and your crafting will be all the mightier with these book-inspired crafts.

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