Craft Night Ideas for You and a Friend

//Craft Night Ideas for You and a Friend

Craft Night Ideas for You and a Friend

Of all the activities you can partake in with a friend, crafting is perhaps one of the best. In a previous blog post, we at The Hippie Hobby talked about the benefits of crafting with a friend, because there are so many reasons why friendships are strengthened through crafting.

The reasons are out there, but now it’s time to take it a step further. Craft nights are growing in popularity, and whether you choose to go to an event or host your own, you and your friends are sure to have a blast. Check out these craft ideas for your friends and you to enjoy!

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

Macrame Plant Hanger Night

We at The Hippie Hobby have been having a blast with some of our craft nights, and we are excited to host a macrame plant hanger night at California Pizza Kitchen! Grab a friend and come hang out on July 20th to create your own macrame plant hanger! Not only are all the materials included – even the plants – but you’ll get to grab drinks and catch up with the besties for an evening. You’ll walk away with an amazing plant decoration for your home, in addition to amazing memories created with the ones you love. Buy your tickets before they sell out, and we’ll see you and your gal pals on July 20th!

DIY Mugs Decorating Night

If there’s one thing our friends and us love, it’s coffee. We’re pretty sure we’re not alone in our unyielding love for a morning cup of joe. Even if tea is more your jam, you can still have your favorite people over for a night of DIY mug decorating! This would make for an excellent DIY craft night for you and your pals, and a relatively cheap one to boot. Have a friend who’s moving or has an upcoming birthday? Get the gang together and create a celebratory set of DIY mugs- they’ll be sure to love it!

DIY Sharpie Mugs

Picture Frame Night

You have so many great memories with the ones you love, and probably some great photos to match. Invite a friend or two over to craft some uniquely creative picture frames! This hardcover book frame would look amazing on a coffee table, or use clothespins, twine, and a wooden frame to create a phenomenal picture wall decoration. The added bonus is you’ll have the option to showcase your friends and your incredible joined experiences. However you decide to frame it, your friends will love getting together to craft their own frames as well.

Upcycled Picture Frame Picture Holder

Friendship Bracelet Night

Who didn’t love tying and braiding colorful strings as a means to craft a bracelet for your besties? Get your nostalgia on by hosting a DIY friendship bracelet night! Try making these tassel bracelets for an accessory that would add a pop to any outfit, or keep it subtle yet classy with these hook and eye string bracelets. Enhance the craft night by making it camp-themed, and feature s’mores, a playlist from the time when friendship bracelets were most relevant to you, and even have a fire if possible! Your friends will not only love this craft night, but they will love getting to reminisce on some wonderful memories. Don’t forget to swap your bracelets to add even more meaning to the evening.

Our friends are our backbone, and we would be nothing without the support and care they give. Take time to celebrate how much they mean to you and organize a craft night with you and the ones you love! Whether you spend a night crafting out on the town, or host a craft night of your own, you will have an incredible time.

Check out our Instagram for pictures of everything DIY and make sure to buy tickets for our craft night in Phoenix!

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