Crafts To Do With Photos

//Crafts To Do With Photos

Crafts To Do With Photos

Photo-Inspired Crafts

We live in this amazing time where you can capture the best moments and hold onto them ‘til the end of time. In the age of photography, there are so many venues for your pictures can truly take off. From Instagram to Facebook and everything in between, the possibilities for photo fun are seemingly endless.


Craft with Photos


But another avenue for photography potential exists in a slightly more unconventional way. With crafting, you can take your favorite photos to a whole new level! We at The Hippie Hobby love crafting and photos, and we are so excited to share these DIY projects with you. Keep the photos (and memories too!) alive with these crafts, and be sure to check out our subscription boxes!

Photo Collages, Reimaginedphoto-collage-letters

Many of us might have had photos plastered up on our walls in our youth. From high school bedrooms to dorm rooms, the photo collage was a cheap and easy way to have visible access to some fabulous times. With these two crafts, photo collages get a fantastic facelift. These 3D letters have an added personal touch with their photo collage, and make excellent wall decor. Additionally, this heart photo collage is an easy craft that would look fabulous as a dresser decoration. Both of these crafts would look great for your home, or serve as a wonderful gift for a loved one.

Magnetic Photos

Try out our gem magnet kit to make photos last! While the kit comes with book pages, you could easily replace these pages with photos, making for the loveliest fridge magnets (or a great present for a friend). For a slightly more advanced version, check out this DIY craft for another way to make magnetic photos. Bring smiles to everyone’s faces for a cute stocking stuffer idea over the holidays, or as a stellar back-to-school locker decoration with magnetic photos!

 DIY Gem Photo Magnets

More-Than-Just-A-Frame Craft

Sure, we can always frame photos and call it a day. But for a more unique way to display photos, try this geometric wall installment. With just some string or twine, printed photos, and clips, your wall will have memories displayed in a wonderfully modern way. For another outstanding craft, these photo boxes give depth to your pictures, as well as your wall. The beeswax makes for an excellent finish that provides a washed, pastel-like look, for a subtle but poignant addition to any room.

Photo Finish Furniture

People are great, aren’t they? Specifically the ones who figured out how to make a lampshade out of photos, as well as the people who discovered how to make a photographic pillow. Both of these crafts can be completed by anyone, and will turn out beautifully! For the high school grad about to go off to college, for your home or for the home of someone you love, these crafts will have so much sentimental value. Talk about crafts that show the potential of photos!


Photo Pillow


At The Hippie Hobby, we believe our photos show us a timeline of our lives. They remind us of the good, and sometimes the bad, but regardless, they show the times we’ve had with the places and the ones we love. Try out some of these crafts to do with photos,  and for more photo-tastic craft ideas, check out our Instagram today!

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