DIY Beach Decor I 4 Crafts That Bring The Beach To You

//DIY Beach Decor I 4 Crafts That Bring The Beach To You

DIY Beach Decor I 4 Crafts That Bring The Beach To You

By Emily Wottreng

You will for shore love these ideas.


Practically nothing can compare to time spent at the beach. The sound of the waves upon the shore, the grounding feeling that comes from sinking slightly into the sand, the beach just can’t be beat. For those of us who don’t live near the sea, it’s only natural that we want to somehow take it with us. We at The Hippie Hobby know not only how marvelous crafting is, but also how marvelous time by the water can be. These crafts will provide the ocean zen for your life, bringing the shore to your door.


1. Seashell Centerpieces

Shelling is one of the most fun activities at the beach. Finding shells is similar to crafting, in that we find peace when our mind focuses on one task, and cancels out the rest. After the vacation ends, finding uses for your amazing beach finds has never been easier. Put a candle in a mason jar surrounded by shells and sand for the perfect DIY beach decor. 


For a more classic centerpiece look, check out our floating candle kit to spice up any table. After creating the candles, put shells in a vase, fill up with water, and add the candles for a beautiful end result. Either of these seashell centerpieces would be perfect for wedding decorations, a classy dinner party, or just a night out on the patio with the ones you love.


2. Sand Creations

Stepping into sand is one of the greatest feelings. There’s some true kinesthetic magic happening when we interact with sand, and its tactile nature makes for amazing craft ideas. Try making a sand bowl with just a few ingredients. Another excellent idea from The Shabby Creek Cottage involves making adorable ornaments. Not only a lovely gift idea, but a surefire way to preserve the memories from a wonderful trip.


3. Wall Art

Beach-themed decor is bound to make anyone go “awww!”, purely because it establishes the connections and nostalgia we have for our times by the ocean. Whereas finding shells is a favored pastime, try switching it up by looking for driftwood to create a fabulous piece of wall art. This seahorse art craft is comprised solely of driftwood, and would add wonderful texture to any room. Or if seashells have your interests, this DIY framed seashell craft is equally easy and beautiful. The colored frames contrast perfectly with the burlap background, and will be so fun to make!


4. And if You Can’t Get to the Beach…

… no problem! Finding Home Farms has awesome instructions on how to create an art piece from reclaimed wood. Their example is for a whale, but you could design an anchor, a boat, or pretty much anything else that screams DIY beach decor. You can also take the beach wherever you go by trying our DIY lip balm kit. The kit comes with peppermint or citrus essential oils, but for a truly beachy feel, treat yourself to a sandalwood essential oil. While a little bit more expensive, sandalwood is an incredible scent that will bring the ocean calm to you again and again. Bring the scent of time by the saltwater to you with a craft that’s much cheaper than a plane ticket!


At The Hippie Hobby, we recognize how important the ocean is. Our seas provide life, and restore our lives as well. It’s not often we can easily sit back and take in such beauty, it’s such a treat when we can. We want everyone to experience this beauty and tranquility when needed, regardless if the beach is a hundred footsteps or hundreds of miles away. These beach crafts will bring the oceanic experience to life, and will produce some magnificent crafts in the process.




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