DIY Coffee Crafts

//DIY Coffee Crafts

DIY Coffee Crafts

Katie from Colorado is a fellow crafter, a mother of four, an avid writer, and she recently reached out to The Hippie Hobby. She asked us if we knew we could make a light fixture out of coffee filters. We did not, Katie, but we’re so glad you said something! Any chance we get to talk about our love of coffee is a chance we’ll take.

Coffee is one of the most wonderful, magical substances on the entire planet. That first sip in the morning is the stuff that dreams are made of. Luckily for all of us, there are so many amazing crafts and DIY projects you can do that involve our favorite thing on earth (well, tied for first place with wine, of course). Take a look at some DIY coffee crafts, and check out The Hippie Hobby for subscription craft boxes and more!

DIY Coffee Tin Lantern

Coffee Light Fixture

As mentioned previously, you might not think of using coffee-related items to create light fixtures, but the results are pretty fantastic. This coffee can light installation gives a wonderfully modern tone, and would look great in a kitchen. For a textured light that would be a bright addition to any room, check out this tutorial on creating a DIY coffee filter paper lantern. These lights are will perk up your day as much as the sacred caffeinated beverage itself.

Coffee Paintings

Move aside, beautiful latte art.  You can partake in DIY coffee art that will last for years to come (and doesn’t require an espresso machine). Coffee painting is an excellent way to try your hand at watercolors in a really affordable way. Instead of investing in tubes of watercolor paints, grab watercolor paper, instant coffee, water, and go for it! The sepia tones will warm up any wall space, and for a fraction of the price that watercolor sets would cost.

coffee art

Coffee Bean Body Products

This is a gift that you may make for others, or very well just end up keeping and using yourself. Create a body scrub from coffee and coconut oil to give yourself the self care treatment you deserve. For another great coffee-inspired body product, check out our DIY subscription box for melt and pour soap–add some ground coffee beans during the project to create an exfoliating soap (complete with a heavenly scent that will be sure to wake you up!)

DIY Melt and Pour Soap With Essential Oils

DIY Melt and Pour Soap With Essential Oils

Decorative Coffee Mugs

As we’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, a Sharpie DIY mug is a perfect way to bring your creativity and style to life. Whether opting for colors, or going for a subtle–yet stated–black and white theme, your mugs are sure to be as unique as you. This is an awesome project that could create some excellent gifts as well! Make a set of two for a couple you know and love, or decorate several to give to a friend headed off to college. Anyone will love such a thoughtful sentiment.

Coffee is the all-knowing, all-powerful substance that motivates us and gives us life. It’s only fair that we pay tribute to this blessed beverage with some delightful DIYs. Enjoy these crafts as you would your morning cup of joe, and check out The Hippie Hobby for more craft ideas!

DIY Sharpie Mug

Want to see how we craft and drink lots of wine? Peruse our Instagram and order a DIY subscription box today!

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