DIY Kitchen Decor

//DIY Kitchen Decor

DIY Kitchen Decor

By Emily Wottreng

It’s never been easier to whip up some crafts in the kitchen.

A place where family and food combine is simply the best place to be. Our kitchens are already such a wonderful source of creativity that we can forget the crafting possibilities that exist beyond the countertops. We at The Hippie Hobby love anything that involves food and crafting, and these projects combine the best of both worlds. Serving up a fresh batch of DIY kitchen decor crafts brings us such joy, and we know it will bring joy to you and your home as well.

4. Unique Utensils

Wooden spoons and spatulas serve as blissful reminders of cooking, which in turn means we get to eat. Update your wooden utensils with an ombre-painted theme, and you will feel like the trendiest chef in town. Pick out a dark shade of your favorite color, buy some white paint as well, and mix it up to create these gorgeous utensils. A similar technique can be used with this painted silverware craft. If you didn’t think you could love eating more than you already do, these crafts will have you thinking twice.

3. Best-Ever Bottle Opener

Add some rustic flavor to your kitchen by coming to our craft night, where we’ll be making a wall-mounted bottle opener! This wall decor has an added functional bonus-enjoy drinks before the craft is even finished. That sounds like a win-win to us. For just $35, enjoy a project where all the materials are included, as well as some light refreshments. Did we mention it’s at a brewery? Join us on Saturday, June 17th, at North Mountain Brewing to make the perfect bottle opener for your kitchen!

2. Sublime Storage

The act of decluttering makes our hearts sing, which is why these storage crafts are a perfect blend of organization and creativity. These chalkboard painted jars are ideal for sorting and storing your favorite snacks and spices, and are relatively simple to make. For even easier DIY kitchen, these magnetic storage containers are awesome for keeping markers, scissors, or any other small kitchen necessity. We all have those smaller kitchen items that can easily be misplaced (and always right when you need them), but these adorable jars make losing things a lost art.


1. Divine Decorations

With dining, presentation is everything. The food can taste amazing, the kitchen can turn out some phenomenal food, but there’s skill in perfecting the presentation. A grocery list paper roll looks incredibly chic, and is perfect for a quick means of recording all your shopping needs. These framed tea towels are so easy to make, and are fabulous at tying the room together. For a slightly more advanced craft, try making this gorgeous pallet coffee cup holder. Just be careful not to stare too long at your dazzling decor while cooking, although it will be a real challenge.

We love the kitchen, because it represents so much of what we love. A space that provides food, drinks, and company, the kitchen is at the forefront of the art of creation. Trying new recipes is crafty on its own, but each of these ideas brings a new twist on kitchen innovation. The warmth and comfort of the kitchen make us feel at home, and these DIY kitchen decor crafts promise to take you there.

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