DIY Movie Theater Crafts

//DIY Movie Theater Crafts

DIY Movie Theater Crafts

By Emily Wottreng

If you’re currently living in southern Arizona like us at The Hippie Hobby, you probably are barely able to see this through the sweat pouring down your face. Craft folks, it is hot. Unfortunately, fife right now is a mixture of blasting cold air conditioning and melting faster than a popsicle the second we step outside.

In our attempts to find a respite from the weather, we often stay in, turn up the A/C and turn on Netflix. Even though staying in and watching a movie is such a nice way to stay cool, but it’s not exactly a stand out memory of summer. Take a break from the ordinary with these movie-inspired crafts! These DIY movie crafts are sure to be a hit of blockbuster proportions, and a great way to cool off this summer.

Movie String Art

Whether it’s a friend, a family member, or perhaps even ourselves, everyone knows a movie aficionado. A lover of films, the movie aficionado is passionate about talking movies, watching movies, discussing directors, and everything in between. With our string art kit you will easily be able to make a craft that any movie lover will enjoy!

Make the string art into an iconic clapperboard or film reel, either of which will look amazing as decoration for a movie room. Also, decorating a kid’s room with string art boards adds a stylish touch, and what kid doesn’t love the movies? As a matter of fact, you can create a whole set of string art boards with a common movie theme. The boards could collectively spell out a movie quote, or each name a favorite movie title. Either way, our DIY string art kit is sure to make any movie lover feel like a star.


Popcorn Movie Crafts

Is a movie the same if you don’t have popcorn? For a really easy and unique DIY project, turn an average aluminum can into a homemade popcorn maker! This video gives a more in-depth look into how to perform this craft, which would be such an excellent way to spice up a movie night. Friends and family alike will sure to be impressed with your craft skills, and will love to learn how to do it themselves.

For another craft that really pops, create a trendy popcorn bowl! This bright red bowl is not only beautiful, but functional, and will be a craft that signals a great night of staying in and relaxing. Your popcorn bowl craft will be a gift that truly keeps on giving.


DIY Movie Theater 

Most people would never dream of creating a movie room within their home, but it is actually incredibly easy to do, and affordable as well! With some pallets, cushions, and decorative pillows, you are set to create the movie room you’ve always dreamed of. Save up and invest in a projector to seal the deal, and your home will be the place to be for movie nights, “Game of Thrones” premieres, and more. With these DIY movie theater crafts, you won’t even have to leave the house in the heat to go to the movie theater!

DIY Stadium Seating

DIY Stadium Seating


Even if you don’t live in Arizona, now is the part of summer where some restlessness can settle in. As a result, the easiest thing to do is lay on the couch and binge on Netflix, but with any of these crafts, your time and movie experience just got way more productive – and personal as well. Try out these movie-themed crafts for a great summer activity, and order your subscription and craft kit from The Hippie Hobby today!

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