DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts

//DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts

DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts

By Emily Wottreng

Valentine’s Day should unequivocally celebrate love, whether it be in a relationship with your significant other, or the love you have for your best friend. Below are some craft ideas to get in the mood and have some fun making valentines, rather than rushing to Walgreens to buy the same valentines that everyone else is giving out.  And don’t worry, they heartly take any time (if you’re still reading this after that last one, I’m grateful).

#1 Mason Jar Memories

Memory Jar


  • Mason Jar
  • Pencil
  • Paper

One of my best friends made this for me once, and it completely made my life. Think of a loved one, and start writing down a list of all your favorite memories with that person – skipping two lines after each one. Carefully rip or cut each memory into individual strips, then fold up how you like. Put the memories into the Mason Jar, put the cap on, and add any final flourish you’d like. Maybe draw a design or write a message on the jar with Sharpie, or keep it rustic and simple by tying some twine around it. The recipient will love reading all your memories, and who doesn’t feel good from a healthy dose of nostalgia?


#2 Old School Card Sesh


Check out this adorable Valentine’s Wreath by The Crafty Blog Stalker made of construction paper!


  • Coloring Materials
  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors

Optional Supplies:

  • Glue
  • Candy
  • Glitter

Who didn’t love making Valentine’s Day cards and mailboxes in class as a kid? Trust me when I say it is literally just as fun now. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, learn how to make a simple valentine here.Do this with friends, do this in the office, or just surprise people by making them on your own time! With a group, have a station where people can create their cards. Step up your game by having candy available for people to garnish their sentiments with. Nothing says “You’re great” like heart-shaped candies that slightly taste like chalk.


#3 Stamp Out


Valentine potato stamps are easy to make and an adorable way to spice up your card making!


Man, if you’re feeling really ambitious this Valentine’s Day, good for you. Try your hand at homemade printmaking! If you want to try two stamps, cut the potato in half. Want four? Cut it into four circular pieces (you get the idea). Carve a design into the white of the potato, not all the way through. Paint over with some acrylic, and stamp out your design on one side of the paper! Once paint completely dries on paper, fold the cardstock in half for a ridiculously cool homemade card for whomever might stir your heart. Definitely ‘gram it before giving away though, because it will look sweet.

#4 Color-Me-Content


Optional Supplies:

  • A hefty glass of red wine
  • Netflix

Maybe you’re like me, living alone in a new city and flying solo on Valentine’s Day. Maybe a relationship just ended and you are not too keen on 2/14. Or maybe all your friends have plans, or maybe you feel like you’re the only person who is not engaged or married or whatever. GOOD. THAT’S JUST FINE. Are the blockbusters and the bestsellers about happiness and perfect relationships? Like maybe 10 percent of the time. Probably nine. The rest are about heartache and loneliness and things not going perfectly – and we respect the hell out of those stories because of it.

Check out Lisa Liza Lou's idea on how to turn your adult coloring page into a card!

Check out Lisa Liza Lou’s idea on how to turn your adult coloring page into a card!

On this Valentine’s Day, hang out with friends, or hang out at your place and do you. Show love towards others. Watch Broad City. Make a heart-shaped pizza. Just order a pizza. Celebrate the loves of your life, and that should always include yourself.

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