Easy Craft Ideas I Souvenir Crafts to Continue the Vacation (Even After it Ends)

//Easy Craft Ideas I Souvenir Crafts to Continue the Vacation (Even After it Ends)

Easy Craft Ideas I Souvenir Crafts to Continue the Vacation (Even After it Ends)

Summer is one of the most perfect times to get away. If you’re in Arizona like we at The Hippie Hobby are, this is so you don’t die of the heat and melt into the ground. If you’re anywhere else, however, there’s so many magical escapes that can be explored with summer at your side.

So often, we love to memorialize our trips with souvenirs. Yet when we return from our travels, these trinkets are often tossed aside, put in boxes or drawers, and forgotten about. This hardly need be the case, because what better way to reuse our souvenirs than to bring them into crafting? Check out these easy craft ideas you can use to repurpose souvenirs and  keep the vacation momentum going, even after your trip comes to an end.

Shell Souvenir Crafts

Repurpose those shells and craft with seashells!

Oh man, the possibilities of shell crafts are seemingly endless. Shells are a great souvenir because they’re not only a fun time to find, they’re also free! Putting your shell collection in a clear vase is such an easy way to showcase some memories. For another decor idea, these shell candles are adorable and would look great in a bathroom. For some personal accessories, check out how to make shell hair clips. This seemingly subtle accessory would be perfect for any summer event, or if you just want to embrace your inner mermaid (which is totally fine, too).

Dining Souvenir Crafts

One of the best parts of traveling is, of course, the eating. Trying new foods that are specific to a given location, or simply treating yourself because you’re on vacation; dining while traveling is the epitome of enjoyment. Any time you have a great meal while traveling, take a picture of it, then get the photos developed upon your return. Create a picture frame with clothespins to fill specifically with your culinary travels. This will not only look amazing, but will inspire you for future trips as well.

Splurging on a really good bottle of wine? We hope so. Ask the server to save the cork(s), and bring them back to start your collection (and your crafting)! Create a shadow box to hold your corks, or for something less time-consuming, try our wine cork heart kit! This kit from us at The Hippie Hobby comes with recycled wine corks, so you don’t need to wait years or decades to fulfill your collection. Our wine cork heart would look great to embellish a bar area; order yours today!

DIY Wine Cork Heart

DIY Wine Cork Heart

Those-Trinkets-You-Buy-From-Gift-Shops-But-Never-Use-Again Souvenir Crafts

Practically all of us are guilty of doing this at least once. Those gift shop items are all just so cute and we sometimes can’t help ourselves. This time around, refrain from being kitschy and do something crafty instead!

  • Shot Glasses: Instead of buying some over-the-top, factory-produced shot glass, it’s practically just as easy to create your own. Remember your trip in a cheaper and classier way with these DIY-painted shot glasses.
  • Magnets: While this magnetic tin craft is designed for spices, how cool would this be to fill up with stuff from your travels instead? Collect soil, sand, pebbles, leaves–anything would look awesome in these tins, and on your fridge.

    Display your vacation treasures with this magnetic tin craft!

Crafting and travel both take us on some pretty wonderful adventures. Through both activities, we experience, we grow, and we learn so much, which is why there’s such a fascination with both traveling and crafting. With these easy craft ideas, you’ll be able to remember your travels again and again, keeping the spirit of exploration alive.

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