Fun Self Care Activities, Part II: Bringing Ideas Into Practice

//Fun Self Care Activities, Part II: Bringing Ideas Into Practice

Fun Self Care Activities, Part II: Bringing Ideas Into Practice

.By Emily Wottreng

Welcome back to our two-part series on self-care! In our first blog post, we got a lovely chance to talk with The Hippie Hobby co-owner Heidi Koffman. She discusses not only what self-care is, but also how it has shaped both her experiences and the mission of The Hippie Hobby in general. In this edition, we will talk about some crafts that are ideal for bringing self-care to life. Crafting not only provides the chance to unwind, but also the opportunity to create. Check out these featured crafts that are sure to address your self-care needs!

#1 String Art Craft

Optimal For: Dealing with frustration or anger

String art is perfect for any emotion or feeling, but there can be something exceptionally beautiful in working with nails and wood. As Heidi says, “Hammering a bunch of nails gets out aggression!” And it turns out, she’s not wrong. An article from Psychology Today talks about how one step in the process of releasing anger can be more physical – in a safe and harmless way.

In addition to writing, mindful breathing, and reflection, the article suggests throwing rocks in a safe place or trying some kind of exercise to return to a calmer state. By hammering nails into a board and wrapping string to create a beautiful piece of art, anger and frustration can be channelled into a productive craft.

#2 Pour and Melt Soap

Optimal For: Distracting the mind

Who hasn’t lost sleep over something they can’t stop thinking about? Upcoming deadlines, disagreements, or just worries in general actually affect our physical selves, and can provide a plethora of health problems. On the other hand, when we can focus our thinking on a craft, we’re re-aligning our thoughts and easing our minds in the process.

Making soap has multiple steps, but it’s a relatively simple craft that everyone can create. Our soap craft kit requires focus, which can be a wonderful means of taking our minds off the things that trouble us. Not to mention, this peaceful activity creates a gift that keeps on giving.

DIY Melt and Pour Soap With Essential Oils

DIY Melt and Pour Soap With Essential Oils

#3 DIY Herbal Bath Tea Bags

Optimal For: Escaping and relaxing

A great way to boost brain power, provide sleep aid, and even fight cold symptoms is actually found in a bathroom. Interestingly enough, baths are sublime for relieving stress, but also for so much more. As Youbeauty states, “Bath tea bags couldn’t be easier to make yourself.” These bath tea bag kits are a quick way Enjoy a DIY Herbal Foot Soak!to create a heavenly scented escape from the problems life can often bring.

Heidi backs up the bath, and told us how “Baths are [her] favorite way to unwind.” For those that already take baths, they know how relaxing and powerful a good bath can be. Unfortunately, many of us finding ourselves questioning, “How can I possibly have the time to take a bath”? As a matter of fact, that is precisely the point. Creating bath tea bags encourages the ultimate rule of practicing self-care: Take time for you.

We all know the importance of taking a break. Often times we’re able to tell others they deserve to relax or to take time for themselves.  But what’s interesting is that we might not always be the best at giving our advice to ourselves. Crafting is such an important method of implementing fun self-care into practice. It gives you the time you are entitled to. What’s great about each of these crafts is that they can be beneficial for on the good and bad days. Where the difficulties of life seldom have an easy answer, making fun self-care allow you a cathartic space where you are always right.

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