How to make homemade DIY beaded wine cork napkin rings

//How to make homemade DIY beaded wine cork napkin rings

How to make homemade DIY beaded wine cork napkin rings

Wine Cork Napkin Ring Holders

Okay, so you may or may not have a stash of wine corks from your latest girls night in. In our case, we had (and always seem to have ha ha) a little stash! Our favorite is red wine because it leaves an awesome splash of color from the red wine stains on the wine corks making it an eye-catching upcycled DIY craft and is a smart way to DIY.

We recently had a fun girl’s night in idea for The Hippie Hobby, upcycling our wine corks to make napkin rings. We tend to do our girls night in with potluck style dishes so we have some tasty bites to fuel our creative endeavors…everyone who attends is encouraged to bring their favorite appetizer dish and a bottle of wine (or favorite drink to share if they are non-drinkers). Honestly, this has turned out to be so much less stressful on the hostess. Our friends have also shared some amazingly healthy recipes. Many of them are Gluten Free or Vegan which furthers The Hippie Hobby “theme”.

How to make homemade DIY beaded wine cork napkin rings

Materials needed:

• 4-8 Wine Corks
• 18 Gauge Wire
• Various Beads (glass or plastic – your choice!)
• Pliers (mini-long ones work best)
• Wire Cutter
• 1 – Large Needle (to make a pilot hole for the wire)

1. Gather all your used wine corks (you need at least 4-6) and other supplies. If you don’t have any, feel free to go to your local wine bar and ask them if they have a few they can give you. We did and ended up with a lot!

Wine corks for how to make wine cork napkin rings for The Hippie Hobby

4-8 wine corks to make your own napkin rings with The Hippie Hobby

These are the materials needed to do the wine cork napkin ring craft via The Hippie Hobby

Materials needed to make wine cork napkin rings – The Hippie Hobby


2. Insert the large needle into the center of one end of your wine cork and use the pliers to slowly work the needle through the cork to create a pilot hole. Be patient – it takes a little bit of elbow grease to shimmy the needle through.

Use the pliers to hold the needle to make the pilot whole in the wine cork. The Hippie Hobby

Use the needle and the pliers to make your pilot whole – The Hippie Hobby

Alternative ways to make your pilot hole:

A. If you are super handy, you can use a drill with a small drill bit to make the pilot hole – it’s probably a good idea to use a bench vise to hold the cork steady for you while                    you’re drilling.

B. You can also use a long, thin nail and a rubber mallet to gently tap the nail through the center of the cork. Just make sure the nail is longer than your wine cork and that you            do this on a solid work surface.

3. Once your pilot hole is done, cut about 10 inches of wire and thread it through the wine cork (don’t forget to center the cork on the wire!).

Wine cork DIY napkin rings using wire to thread through the wine cork

Take the wire and thread it through the pilot hole in the wine cork – The Hippie Hobby

4. String beads onto each side of the wire in a pattern of your choice. As you go, check the length of the beaded section of wire to make that you like the length. If you have any excess wire, trim the wire so that you have just enough wire to twist the napkin ring closed.

Homeade DIY beaded wine cork napkin rings wire crossed and tied together

Cross the ends of your wire together to make an “X” – twist closed with pliers – The Hippie Hobby

5. Once you’re done adding beads, cross the ends of your wire together to make an “X” and then use the pliers to twist the wire closed.

And you’re done! (Well almost, after you do enough for your place settings). These napkin rings are a great way to spruce up your table setting for the holidays, family dinners or if you never ever sit at your table to eat like me, you can use them to make your table look super fancy all the time!

Cheers! Let us know your thoughts and if you have any questions.

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