DIY Wood Slice Photo Transfer Ornaments 

What you need:

  • 6 – Pre-Drilled, Natural Wood Slices
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam Brush
  • Laser Jet Photo Copies
  • Jute or Twine
  • Scissors
  • Pencil or Pen
  • Wood Cutout (Bonus Craft)


1.  Lay your wood slices out on the laser jet photo copy of the images in the placement that you like and use a pencil or pen to trace around each wood slice.

TIP — We used some fun, bright colored holiday prints but you can always run out to your local print shop to get laser jet photo copies of family pics….Just make sure the photo copies are laser jet; ink jet copies will not work!

TIP — Any images that you print will be a mirror image of the photo copy when you transfer them to your wood slices.  Make sure to make edits before (like reversing lettering) before you make a trip to your local print shop.  It will save you time and frustration.



2.  Cut your photo copies out, following the traced lines that you made when you traced your wood slices onto the photo copy paper.

TIP — Before you coat your wood slices with Mod Podge, make a mark (like an “X” or an arrow) on the backside of your image to help you remember which part of your image.  It also helps to hold your wood slice up to the light so you can use the pre-drilled holes to help you align your images!



3.  Apply a generous coat of Mod Podge to the first wood slice & put the photo copied image that you cut out face down onto the wood slice.

TIP — You want to make sure that you apply a thick and even coat of Mod Podge….If you don’t apply enough, your image may not transfer completely.


4.  Use your fingers or something flat (we used an old hotel room key card) to smooth the paper out onto the wood slice, making sure that you don’t have any bubbles or ripples in the paper.  Repeat steps 3 & 4 until all of your wood slices are prepped.

TIP Be super gentle – if you apply too much pressure you could rip your paper!  Also, make sure that you don’t end up with a lot of excess Mod Podge on the backside of the photo copy otherwise it might make it tricky to remove.

5.  Set your wood slices aside to dry for 24 HOURS — that’s right, we said 24 hours — to allow time for the Mod Podge to dry/cure.

6.  After your wood slices have sat overnight, you are ready to start the paper removal….Fill a cup or small bowl with warm tap water & use your fingers to gently wet the back of the photo copy paper.

7.  Once the paper backing is wet enough, you should start to see the image show through a little.  When that happens, you are ready to start rubbing the first layer of paper off.  It’s a little like rolling out dough, only with your fingertips.

TIP Make sure you go slow when you remove your paper backing!  It’s  tempting to rush the paper removal so you can get to the good part (a.k.a. the photo transfer) but it’s really important to be gentle otherwise you run the risk of rubbing off the photo transfer completely.

8.  Once you have remove the first layer of paper backing — remember, it’s a slow process — set your wood slices aside to dry.  This will help you see how much paper is still on the photo copy.

TIP —  Your photo transfer will end up with a rustic look if your image starts to rub away in some areas….It’s bound to happen on a small scale even if you are really careful but that’s okay because that’s part of the charm of this craft!

9.  Repeat steps 6 through 8 a few more times until the paper backing has been removed & you can see the photo transfer image without it looking too “cloudy”.

TIP — It’s okay if there’s a little tiny bit of the backing remains….It’s tough to get rid of every last bit of paper.

10.  Let your wood slices dry for 15 to 20 minutes (you probably used a lot of water trying to remove the paper!).  Once your wood slices have dried off a little, use your sponge brush to apply a top coat of Mod Podge to your finished ornaments.  This will seal the photo transfer so it lasts for a long time to come!

11.  Once your top coat of Mod Podge has dried completely, use some twine or threads from a burlap ribbon (like the one that comes in our DIY subscription box) to tie a loop through the pre-drilled holes on your wood slices so you can hang your finished project on your tree!

TIP — If you have trouble threading your jute or twine through the pre-drilled hole, try using a piece of tape to make a pointed end (like a sewing needle).

**As a BONUS CRAFT, we included a larger wood cutout for the November subscription box!  Follow the same steps above to create a cute keepsake…Just print out your favorite family photo on a laser jet printer at your local print shop & you’re ready to go!**

We hope you enjoyed our November DIY project!  We would love to see your photo transfer ornaments. Post your photos to Instagram using #TheHippieHobby. Don’t forget to like, comment, and share!


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