Outdoor Crafting-4 Ways to Combine Crafts With the Outdoors

//Outdoor Crafting-4 Ways to Combine Crafts With the Outdoors

Outdoor Crafting-4 Ways to Combine Crafts With the Outdoors

By: Emily Wottreng

There’s nothing neater than crafting with nature.


Crafting and the outdoors seem to be on opposite ends of the activity spectrum. We know you can’t risk materials getting blown away, and don’t exactly want to work on uneven surfaces, and no one wants the sun-inducing sweat to get in the way of our work. But when opportune weather comes along, who doesn’t want to enjoy the great outdoors? Thankfully, it has never been easier to combine a love of crafting with a love of being outside. Check out these craft ideas for ways to try DIY out beneath the great blue sky.


#1 Flower and Plant Cards

A great activity on your own or with kids, making cards out of flowers and plants is the perfect way to get craftsy outside. Gather some foliage and a hammer to make some hammered flower print cards.This unique take on print-making has amazing results! For a more advanced option, try making sun print cards. Creating a chemical solution allows for some awesome black-and-white prints that can make cards, napkins, and more.


#2 DIY Wind Chime

Use materials from the outside or inside to create a beautiful wind chime. Woo Home has plenty of ideas on how to incorporate everyday items into making a natural-sounding wind chime for your home. Collect seashells from a trip to the beach, paint bamboo sticks, save bottle caps, or try other materials that speak to your style. Stringing up these materials will serve as an excellent reminder of your craftiness as you enjoy the sounds of your homemade wind chime.


#3 Wildflower Soaps

Picking flowers is always fun, but getting to repurpose those flowers is even better. Collect wildflowers to use for making homemade soap. Free People shows how to use dried flowers or leaves to easily create incredible soaps. We at The Hippie Hobby have mastered our soap game, and want to share our knowledge with you! Check out our DIY soap kit that comes with lavender and other outdoor-inspired resources, with all the materials in one handy box that is conveniently shipped to your door. These soaps are great for gifts and decoration, but since they look so cool, you may very well end up keeping some for yourself.

Green Tea, Oatmeal and Lavender Soaps with Peppermint Essential Oil.

#4 Natural Accessories

If you enjoy making jewelry or other accessories, nature has got you covered. Follow the flower crown trend and try making your own with gorgeous florals and greenery. Make one for yourself to add a bold look for events and/or photographs, or offer to make some for others. With wedding season upon us, there is sure to be a bride or two in need of a trendy veil alternative. In addition to flower crowns, the blog Pink Stripey Socks shows how to make gorgeous nature pendants. Easily wrap wire around stones or shells to create bracelets, necklaces, and more. Whichever nature-themed accessory you try, the compliments are sure to ensue!

Getting outside and crafting may seem like they’re two separate events, but they can actually form the perfect marriage. Creating projects and being outdoors are things that ground us, and that bring us back in touch with some of the most important parts of life. Crafting and exploring outside are so much fun on their own, but drive an even greater sense of purpose and enjoyment when they are brought together. Make sure to follow The Hippie Hobby on Facebook and Instagram!

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