3 Reasons Why Essential Oils Are Meant For Crafting

//3 Reasons Why Essential Oils Are Meant For Crafting

3 Reasons Why Essential Oils Are Meant For Crafting

by: Emily Wottreng

It’s a perfect marriage, full of logic and scents

There’s a reason these magical vials of scent have “essential” in the name. Essential oils and aromatherapy have been practiced for thousands of years – even dating back to ancient Egypt. We at The Hippie Hobby love and believe in the value of essential oils, and we of course love all things crafting. And when both of these worlds collide, great things happen. Read on to find out why you should bring essential oils into your crafting projects and ideas.


  • They’re both calming.

Jobs and bills and kids and dating and not-dating and really, life in general, can get a bit stressful at times. If you haven’t used essential oils before, one whiff will result in peacefully exhaled sighs and closed eyes (if you have used them, you know what we mean). Similar contentedness happens with crafting, and as we’ve written before, crafting can even help combat anxiety and depression. When you’re focusing on crafts and essential oils, you’re focusing on one thing instead of twenty. You’re giving yourself a moment, and that is downright necessary.


Know someone in need of a calm and crafty project? Send them a Diffuser Necklace craft box from us to absolutely make their day. And if that someone in need is you, we are so proud of you for taking time for yourself. You have more than earned it.


  • They’re both fun!

Scent has long ruled our emotions, proven easily by the reactions caused from a sniff of freshly-baked cookies or an inhale of a floral bouquet. How crazy that we can smile from something as simple as a smell? Bring that smile to life by creating crafts where the process and the outcome result in equal joy.

Try adding flower petals to your aromatic bath fizzers!

Essential oils enhance an already super-enjoyable craft, like creating homemade bath bombs! This recipe for aromatic bath fizzers would be a great craft for kids (not to mention, might even get them to willingly take a bath). You can also check out this post from A Beautiful Mess which talks about including other materials, like flower petals, to take your homemade bath bombs up a notch. Whether giving as gifts to friends or subtly encouraging children to be clean human beings, essential oils + crafting make bathing way more fun.


  • They turn average things into craft-tastic things

Nothing brings on a groan faster than not having enough of a crucial item or ingredient. Like not enough flour, but enough that when you got to the grocery store you thought, “I don’t need flour, I remember seeing it in the pantry”. Essential oils can so easily help repurpose the not-enoughs, quickly turning them into a craft that makes ordinary become extraordinary.

Try substituting essential oils in your baking!

Make an amazing body scrub even more amazing by adding essential oils! Have just a bit of coconut oil left? Create your super scrub right there in the jar. Not enough sugar for muffins but not enough to throw away? Bring out the oils, my friend. Check out this article on The Prairie Homestead for an awesome Peppermint Citrus Scrub (and what’s more, it has “simple” in the name)!


They’re seemingly two separate things, but really, crafting and essential oils go hand in hand. Whether you are relieving stress, planning an activity, creating a memory, or simply savoring a moment, these two are the best way to enhance any function. On their own, they are wonderful, but together, crafting and essential oils are magnificent.

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