Self-Care Activities- How Crafting Can Help

//Self-Care Activities- How Crafting Can Help

Self-Care Activities- How Crafting Can Help

Too often, we compromise our needs for the demands that life seems to bring. The burdens we bear, the sacrifices we make, these can all build onto a person, sometimes without us even realizing it. The fight for life is a good one, but it is still a fight. When these issues accumulate past the point of recognition, we lose ourselves in the process. One of the most pivotal and essential concepts that we at The Hippie Hobby believe in is the importance of self-care.

In this special two-part edition blog, we’ll discuss the nature of self-care and its place within The Hippie Hobby with Co-Owner Heidi Koffman. Part two will dive into some self-care activities that take self-care from an idea to a practice. We know how crucial it is to take time for oneself, and how unfortunately challenging that can be. Stay with us in this two-part blog on how to love the most important person of all: Yourself.

Interview with Heidi Koffman:

Heidi, thank you so much for joining in this Q&A today, as well as inspiring the topic of self-care! 

You’re welcome, my pleasure.

To start, could you please discuss your involvement with The Hippie Hobby?

I’m a co-owner of The Hippie Hobby. My friend Jen is the other owner. My specific role in the business is testing and trying different crafts and working with my partner to figure out the best craft for the upcoming months. I also manage everything after products are ordered and sourced….through the shipping and customers receiving their products. Jen and I work well together on dividing up how the process works.

How did The Hippie Hobby start?


We started this just over two years ago, when I was burned out from another business I own – and having a hard time being the entrepreneur with a limited social life at the time. What I missed most getting together with friends and wanted to find something new.  I was (and am) very into essential oils. I had so many oils, I wanted to figure out other things to do with them, so I put a post out on Facebook to see if anyone wanted to come learn how to make soap, saying I would provide the materials and go from there.

Wine is another love of mine, so we had a girls wine night with four friends and learned how to make soap. My friend Jen suggested we learn to make lip balm and have little kits (a bit more organized than me), so we did another girls night the following month and more people came. Then others couldn’t make it but wanted us to mail them their kit…and so we began mailing “craft kits” to our friends. We started offering the subscription option and have grown since then.

Wow, what an awesome start! In addition to essential oils, HH promotes self-care activities as part of its mission. What exactly is self-care?

We truly believe you just need a time out. Whether that’s from work, life, kids, being a mom or wife or being a stressed out entrepreneur. Life is hard. Self-care activities can be a bath with candles, a book, crafting, drinking wine and listening to music…or spending it with a friend on their back patio. It’s basically MAKING time for you.

How did the practice of self-care come into your life?

This is a two part answer.  When I started the thought of Hippie Hobby, it was because I was sick of owning businesses LOL. I owned 3 at the time, I was tired, I was sick of sales, I needed a hobby. I wanted to learn and be more than my companies, which is when I started to learn how to craft or do something more than work. 

About a year after we launched our girls nights, my best friend Mary Fa’anunu was murdered in an act of domestic violence. I became depressed and was overwhelmed with business more than anything else. I couldn’t take care of sales, staff, the stress of payroll and honestly almost walked away from everything. 

Thank you so much for sharing, I can’t imagine the pain of such a horrific tragedy. How do you continue to get through this?

I thought about everything in my life, and if it didn’t bring me joy, I got rid of it. I sold one of our businesses, cut my role out of another one and really tried to get more involved in The Hippie Hobby. Mainly because crafting and spending time with friends makes me happy.  I also realized I needed to be extra forgiving of myself and very patient. If I didn’t, I’d stay in bed all day. I made small monthly goals in my personal life to take care of me first before any business. That being said, I make less money, however, I’m happier.  

I love how you look at growth and focus on small wins. Overall, why do you advocate for self-care

I advocate for self-care and doing self- care activities because I know what it’s like to not take care of yourself. I know how depressed, anxious, and honestly, how shitty I felt when I took care of everyone else but me. Also, I gained weight, my skin looked like crap, my attitude sucked and life just seemed overwhelming.  I literally started when I said “drink a gallon of water a day” – something small and attainable that I knew I could do. I started focusing on all the great things I was doing to take care of myself. From getting out of bed, to showering, wearing jeans (not yoga pants LOL) and maybe putting on mascara. Small consistent changes.

What an incredible story, and what makes it all the more magical is how everything connects back with The Hippie Hobby. So many of these experiences show themselves in the message and crafts of HH. Thank you so much again for your time, Heidi!

Look for our Part II of this blog post on how to implement self-care with crafting, coming soon! And don’t forget to follow The Hippie Hobby on Instagram for updates on the latest blog 🙂

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