Ways To Spice Up Your Get-Togethers With Friends

//Ways To Spice Up Your Get-Togethers With Friends

Ways To Spice Up Your Get-Togethers With Friends

Throwing a party where you make a craft is a fun way to spend an evening or a weekend afternoon with friends, coworkers or neighbors! People pretty much expect the “same ole – same ole,” when invited to the old tried and true parties. Too often, they decline because they don’t want to face high-pressure sales pitches, or boring party games — no matter how many of their friends are there. So, why not do something fun and creative, instead? Throw a party where you make a craft!
With The Hippie Hobby, you can provide a fun get-together without high-pressure sales and boring games. Here is how you can plan the perfect Hippie Hobby party:


You should start your planning about three weeks ahead of your selected party date.
-Order your Hippie Hobby kits.
-For multiple orders of a single kit (minimum of five kits required for multiple orders) contact Hippie Hobby by emailing us hello@thehippiehobby.com.
You can view our other kits here!

Create your guest list.

-Make a list of friends who enjoy crafting.
-Plan ahead for uninvited or last minute tag-a-longs; people like your best friends’ sister who unexpectedly surprised her with a weekend visit.
-Decide if this will be for adults only or if kids are welcome.

Create a Facebook page for your event.hands-woman-laptop-notebook

To do this, go to your Facebook home page and scroll down to the bottom of the far left column. There is a create event button located there.
-Click on the create event button, and follow the prompts to describe your event and invite friends.
-Make sure you describe the craft you will be creating, the food/drink you’ll have!

Choosing a Hippie Hobby Craft

There are a variety of craft kits to choose from, and each one is fun and informative! Here are two we recommend for your first Hippie Hobby party.

Diffuser/Aromatherapy Necklace

Silver Plated DIY Diffuser Necklace - The Hippie Hobby

Silver Plated DIY Diffuser Necklace – The Hippie Hobby

This is an easy craft for your guests and yourself. Whether you are a novice or long-time crafter, everyone will enjoy making and wearing this lovely piece of jewelry! Each piece can be unique and will have the crafter’s personal touch added 🙂 The felt pad inside of the necklace can be refreshed with your favorite essential oil, each time you wear it. By inserting a new felt pad, and using a different essential oil, you can change the mood or feeling generated when you wear it. The kit comes with relaxing lavender essential oil. Some other excellent choices include Ylang Ylang, known for diffusing anger and stress, Patchouli for fatigue, and Lemon for concentration.


Foot Soaks/ Bath Tea BagEnjoy a DIY Herbal Foot Soak!

These refreshing and de-stressing Bath Tea Bags are the main features of the May 2016 Hippie Hobby Box. Guests can make their favorite scented bath bags to use for a refreshing foot soak or a relaxing bath. Ingredients include oatmeal for softening and soothing skin, herbs for fragrance and aromatherapy, and Epsom salts to moisturize skin and add needed micronutrients. Once your guests learn how to create these self-indulgent treats, they can use their new skills to create more at home!

Food for Your Party

Once you decide on your crafts, your guest list, and your date, you will need to think about food to serve. No party is complete without refreshments. Here some ideas sure to please your guests and your taste buds.



When was the last time you attended a potluck? These were once a staple of church dinners and the neighborhood get together but are not nearly as common today. When you issue your Facebook event page invitations, let your potential guests know that you would like for them to bring a favorite dish to share. For the middle of the day, you could ask for light lunch foods, such as sandwiches, salads, and desserts. If you do not plan to meet for a meal time, ask each person to bring finger foods and snacks.

Herbal Sampler

With both of the crafts suggested above; an Herbal Sampler is a fun way to make the food more interesting and part of your party theme. Choose recipes using herbs for a unique and delicious enhancement for the herbal crafts you have planned. A quick internet search brings forth many recipes such as lavender biscuits, quiche with thyme, candied violets and more!

Wine and Sparkling Ciderpunch-1866176_1920

Don’t forget the drinks! Every party is better when you serve wine. Pair a sweet wine and a dry wine, to accommodate different palates, with the food you will be serving. Include a bottle of sparkling cider for any pregnant or nursing moms who may attend.
After your party, don’t be surprised if your friends all start ordering The Hippie Hobby Craft Box subscriptions of their own!

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