Spooky Halloween Crafts to Decorate Your Home

//Spooky Halloween Crafts to Decorate Your Home

Spooky Halloween Crafts to Decorate Your Home

Somehow it’s already October, and somehow, Halloween is already around the corner. This is the time of year to break out the dusty boxes of cobwebs, the ghoulish door decorations, and everything else that has served to signify in your home that the holiday’s approaching. But what if instead of using the same old decorations, you created some crafty new decorations that would look scary good?

The Hippie Hobby knows that crafting can and should happen all year round, but just like with everything else, the holidays make it special. One of the best ways to celebrate is to get really into the Halloween spirit, and crafting is the way to take you there. Try these crafts with the family, invite some friends over for a craft-and-scary-movie night, or just do them after a long day that requires some relaxation. Either way, these DIY Halloween crafts are something you’re sure to fall in love with.

Freaky Front-of-Home Decorationswitch hat decor DIY

Guests, strangers, or eager trick-or-treaters all have the same thing in common: the front of your home is the first thing they see. And not just on Halloween, but for the weeks leading up to it as well, which is why you want your home exterior to look as incredible and trendy as you are. These witches’ hat luminaries are a super cute take on Halloween lights, and are an easy DIY craft that leave a lasting impression. Or for something different, try this amazing garage door silhouette! If you love to draw and feel like pumpkin carving goes by way too fast, this is the perfect craft for you. Some plywood, tools, and lights are all it takes to create a spooky silhouette.


With all these decorations for your home’s exterior, you don’t want to leave your door behind. Luckily, these bat decorations are the ideal craft that add the finishing touch to the front of your home. It’s never been easier to make your home feel festive at first glance!

DIY bat decor

Set the Table, the Scary Way

There’s no better time to have a fright-themed dinner party, which means you need to have a table that plays the part. For a DIY craft that’s rustic and adorable, try this canning lid pumpkin to make an excellent centerpiece. If you’re looking for something a little more dark and twisty, Country Living has a great craft that involves adding black lace to some white candles of different shapes and sizes. This matched with our floating candles craft from The Hippie Hobby would make for a scary chic table setting—order yours today!

DIY Pumpkin deocr


Walls of Horror

You have to hook up your walls during the holidays, because they always could use a little extra lovin’. DIY halloween decorTurning family photos into something more spooky is a simple craft that packs a punch. This paranormal photo craft will be a standout in terms of your wall decs, and will have visitors begging to know how you made this. If family photos aren’t your jam, print off some black and white old portraits and it will work just as well.


For another idea, our DIY string art craft is the perfect way to spice up your walls! You could create a pumpkin, a bat, a black cat, a spiderweb—the possibilities are practically endless. The great thing about ordering this craft box is that it includes all the materials, saving you a trip to the store. Your walls will look so festive and fun, and you’ll feel the Halloween vibes throughout your home.

Halloween string art

Decorating our homes for the holidays is always so much fun, because it’s such an expression of the joy we find in life. We celebrate these days (and the days leading up to them) out of tradition, out of celebration, and ultimately, because we make our own fun. We know holidays like Halloween only come once a year, and we know how special they are. Taking the time to create your own crafts for the holidays is such a marvelous way to appreciate it all. Try out these Halloween crafts, and visit The Hippie Hobby for craft boxes and subscriptions! Your finished product will be boo-tiful, we’re sure of it.

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