Succulent-Inspired Crafts to Spruce Up Your Home

//Succulent-Inspired Crafts to Spruce Up Your Home

Succulent-Inspired Crafts to Spruce Up Your Home

By Emily Wottreng

They’ll have you running for the nearest garden store

With increased attention garnered from events like Coachella and cacti-themed art prints being on the rise, one thing is clear: The desert is in. Being based out of Phoenix, AZ, we at The Hippie Hobby already knew that the desert is so hot right now (literally). And we also know that bringing this trend into crafting can easily be found in working with succulent plants.

But if you’ve ever seen succulents hanging in glass orbs or classically modern vases and wondered, “How do I make that,” wonder no longer! Check out these succulent-inspired crafts that are sure to help both your garden and your green thumb blossom.

#3 Succulent Planters (with a twist)

Keeping succulents in a regular old planter is always an option, but you are no regular folk! Save money and help Mother Nature by upcycling some old cans into festive planters. Make them completely up to your style by adhering scrapbook paper to empty cans. For a rustically chic look, A Sparkle of Genius shows how to create birch vases for a mere two dollars. The Country Chic Cottage offers dozens more ideas on how to spice up a succulent planter.

Do you live in the Phoenix area? How do drinks, crafts and plants sound? Come to our Macrame Plant Hanger Craft Night on July 20th and take home your own plant hanger, plant and pot! Email us at to get more info on the event!

#2 Framed Succulent Wall Art

At first glance, this craft might seem a bit more technical. Believe it or not, step-by-step instructions show that truly anyone can create a living picture. These directions from Instructables serve as a great demonstration on how to make a masterful piece of art. Home Edit also shows how to take a wooden planter, paint it to your liking, and add succulents for an incredibly trendy wall decoration. With either of these frames, you may or may not find yourself staring at your wall for extended periods of time.

#1 Strings & Succulents

Not ready to commit to having live plants in your home? No problem! With some wood, nails, and string, it can be easy to craft a gorgeous piece of string art that maintains a succulent motif. This cactus string art is just as cute as the real thing (and is guaranteed not to poke you). Order a string art kit from The Hippie Hobby to provide all the materials necessary, and let your imagination run wild! Whether as a gift or for yourself, everyone will stand in awe at your wondrous cactus creations.

All of these succulent crafts are not only enjoyable, but attainable as well. Not to mention, the results will be as lovely as the process itself. Everyone will marvel at your creations, because frankly, succulents are just so cute. Their muted tones, their range in greenish hues – succulents are sure to both enhance and balance any space or room. With each of these succulent crafts, bringing the trendiness of the desert to your doorstep has never been easier.

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