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“I consider myself to be fairly crafty but don’t always have the time to craft as much as I’d like, at least, not without my infant wanting to get into everything. And let’s be honest; sometimes what seems so simple on Pintrest really isn’t simple in real life. This is a great box if you’re short on time. They have everything in it for you and have just the amount you need, so you aren’t stuck with a ton of left over supplies. The directions are easy to understand and I think it’s a great way to try your hand at a craft that’s new to you. I just received my second box and both of them so far have been crafts I’ve never done before. Because of the planning they put into the box, it’s very easy and enjoyable!”
Jess H
“I gifted my daughter-in-law a 6 month subscription to The Hippie Hobby’s DIY craft kit. She absolutely loved it. She enjoyed spending quality time with her kids and doing a project that they each got to have a fun and get a treat in the process. She added a little color with some lipstick shavings and they are a pretty pink color. She called and thanked me for such a thoughtful gift and also commented on how cute the packaging was. She also said what a cute gift idea for teachers and others that you want to give a little something to. I can’t wait for her to get the next box…how fun to get a surprise every other month and I’m pleased that I decided to gift her with something she loves.”
Denise - gifted subscription
“I received my first DIY box from The Hippie Hobby and was pleasantly surprised. The packaging was very well done and the instruction’s and tips on creating your lip balm were easy to use. It was so easy to make and the oils smelled so good I couldn’t decide which one to use…The Bonus Craft on the back of the instruction sheet really added to the project. I love the organic look and feel of this first kit and I’m looking forward to getting more fun kits for the next year. I’m glad I decided to give this a try and I’m excited to see what the next box will have. I also think it’s a great way to show someone how special they are by making an effort to gift a DIY project and The Hippie Hobby has surpassed all my expectations on this first craft.”