The Best Functional DIY Craft Ideas

//The Best Functional DIY Craft Ideas

The Best Functional DIY Craft Ideas

By Emily Wottreng

Why buy something when you can try something?

We are makers and creators, we love to build and form nothing into something. Yet sometimes, there are certain things we need around the home where a timeless dilemma comes into play: Should I try making it, or just buy it? We love making things ourselves, but oftentimes there are other questions that come into play. What is more time-efficient? Is this craft going to cost me more than if I bought it? The Hippie Hobby is here to help you out with these purposeful craft ideas! Check out these crafts that not only serve a function, but also your financial and creative needs.

4. Wall-Mount Bottle Openers

This is quite possibly the best example of bang for your buck. The Hippie Hobby is hosting our second craft night of the season! Meet us at North Mountain Brewing Co. on June 17th in Phoenix to make a wooden plaque bottle opener. There are three trendy designs provided, or you can email a different design or phrase, making this craft truly unique to you. Whether a Father’s Day gift in the works, or something to spruce up your bar area, this craft is guaranteed to keep on giving.

3. Cheap Seats

Google“outdoor benches” and you’ll find price ranges from $45 to $150. Or you can take a look at this outdoor bench craft that costs only $16 to make! For a similar price, try this rustic-styled bench that would look lovely both inside and outside. Who knew it could be easy and cheap to create your own seating? This DIY bench includes storage, making a great seating option even greater. Don’t forget to check out this no-sew seat cover to add some flavor to your cheap seats at an equally low cost.

DIY bench

2. Super Shelving Units

We at The Hippie Hobby are all about crafts, and perfection seems to happen when craft and functionality meet. Shelves are such a perfect example of this, filling up wall space with style and purpose. In lieu of buying shelves, it’s incredibly easy and affordable to create your own, bringing your designs into play. Floating shelves offer a beautiful touch to your home, looking great in any room. Try making this chalkboard cubby to add some organization in the cutest of ways. Check out DIY & Crafts for more craft ideas!

DIY floating shelves

1. Timeless Crafts

It is apparently ridiculously easy to make your own clock, and also really fun. With the purchase of a simple motor, the possibilities for having a grand old time are practically endless. This pallet clock is a great way to repurpose wood while adding a rustic edge to your home decor. Or try a color block clock for a marvelously modern look. Checking the time will be all the more enjoyable when it’s a creation of your own.

Craft Ideas-Pallet Clock


Sure, if we were ordinary, regular humans, we know that any of these projects are things we could buy. But we create. We’re innovative, imaginative, and we love a challenge. There is wonderful satisfaction that comes from looking at something you worked on, this beautiful pride of knowing, “I did that”. Put in the hard work, challenge yourself to starting from scratch, and you will love the results. With these purposeful craft ideas, the results will continue to love you right back.

We know you want to go to craft night… so check out our Instagram for a $5 coupon!

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